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Every week docweasel.com presents another installment of the Underground Comic Legends, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Freewheelin' Franklin, Fat Freddy and Phineas Phreak are alive and well and living in Auburn, California!

International Underground Comix legend Gilbert Shelton first created the Freak Brothers back in 1968. The following year, he and three old college buddies from U.T./Austin - Jack Jackson, Fred Todd and Dave Moriaty - decided to "buy a printing press and Rule the World." The rest is history, as Rip Off Press has gone on to corrupt the minds of a generation. By 1986 the four original partners had dispersed: Jack and Dave back to Austin, and Gilbert to Paris. When a massive warehouse fire relieved company President Fred Todd and his wife of a 17-year accumulation of material goods, they decided to take advantage of the chance to travel light and moved the company from San Francisco to the Sierra foothills. In the ten+ years since then, an additional four issues of the Freak Brothers comix (Issue 13 was issued in fall of 1997) have been published—slowly but surely. Now selected issues are available on docweasel.com.

Back Issues

#1 Collected Adven.

#2 Further Adven.

#3 A Year Passes Like Nothing

#4 Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

#5 Grass Roots

#6 Six Snappy Sockeroos
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