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Some of our favorite political site & blogger links.
  political blogs The most insightful and best reads plus the best for inside info and scoops.
>>semi-dailies: check back with these guys several times a day, they constantly update
Glenn Reynolds is the best, period. Keep your James Lileks and Andrew Sullivan, InstaP invariably has posts I want to read about stuff I'm interested in. Except when he's 'photoblogging'.

These guys got semi-famous thanks to Rathergate but they were cool long before that. These are the kind of guys who give bloggers a good name and rep- lawyers, businessment, political pros. A daily read for sure.

Co-op blog manned by several good people. Insightful and topical, hard to be with the rapidly changing news line of the hour, but they are on top of it and break stories too.

Blog of record with lots of info and data. This is the election2004 section which is all I checked out much.

Intelligent and classy lady- blogs on culture as well as politics plus she answers her email and is a real nice person.

These guys got semi-famous thanks to Rathergate but they were cool long before that. These are the kind of guys who give bloggers a good name and rep- lawyers, businessment, political pros. A daily read for sure.

Political Vice Squad
The Marlboro of bloggers, whatever that means. I guess he's like a cowboy blog, with politics.

John Ellis, a daily mustread:Ellisblog is about a variety of subjects which interest me. I've been a columnist for The Boston Globe, Inside Magazine and Fast Company Magazine. I now write every so often for Tech Central Station (www.techcentralstation.com). Senior fellow at The West Point Center for Combating Terrorism.

>>dailies: updated every day but usually no hourly posts, no need to check back after your morning browse

Best of the Web
Not strictly a blog, but commentary, interesting and funny newsitems and headlines, other worthy stuff. James Taranto is a great defender of Bush and fisks a lot of idiots trying to write commentary.

Captain's Quarters
He was also on Rathergate and other MSM fuckups. Worth a daily read. [UPDATE: he now writes for Hot Air (link fixed)]

The Corner (NRO)
This is a blog, by pros on a nationally recognized print and online mag, National Review. It has the added benefit of having a big organization behind it, giving it some cred and resources indivduals don't have.

Also affiliated with NRO, great campaign stories and info. I guess this will die after the post-election glow wears off (unless Kerry runs again in 4 years?) [UPDATE: Long since repurposed as "The Hillary Spot" (link fixed)]

Unbiased, middle of the road commentary. He covers a lot of conservative stories but doesn't have an axe to grind.

Hugh Hewitt
Has a radio show and writes opinion columns- his blog is just a more informal way to get his opinions out there and follow the story of the moment. Smart, insightful guy.

Mickey Kaus
Funny and professional writer- his blog is actually on Slate and is more like a daily collection of 2-3 paragraphs, but always interesting. Was the most uncommited Kerry booster I've seen, had more anti-Kerry stuff than some Bush backers.

"Chrenkin' off" on the Right side of life since 1972 - - - The news and views from Down Under on politics, international affairs and culture

Michelle Malkin
Another pro commentator running a blog- she doesn't actually blog but posts a short op-piece once a day, which is fine. She's great and she's a fucking babe as well.

Good blog with lots of fact based stuff- they actually do research and work here.

Roger Simon
Novelist and screenwriter with a great take on political and current events. This is actually how all intellectual writer/artists should be if they were honest about it. It seems like you become a knee-jerk lib when you get to this level- not Roger, big Bush backer.

The best "inside Iraq" blog.

Hedgehog Report
Pretty good 'second tier' blogger- not with the big boys but worth a link.

Andrew Sullivan
I include him because he's one of the big boys and used to be a good read- he's incidently gay and the gay marriage contro informs his every post now, down to turning against Bush and backing Kerry after cheerleading up to the war. I rarely read him now because he revels in anything bad in Iraq. Take it for what its worth. [UPDATE: He has now gone completely insane]

Daily Bleat
James Lileks is another big boy who is sometimes brilliant. He's like your clean-up batter, best hitter on the team, and he rebuts idiot opinion pieces like noone else, he's the guy you want up there. However, he blogs way too much personal stuff and 3/4 of his shit isn't worth reading. Check him out when someone links to an interesting piece is your best bet.

>>political links Disclaimer: conservative values & Democratic bashing by these sites DO reflect the opinions of the owners of this site.

Drudge Report
Not as good as he used to be, now Drudge is about 4 hours behind the blogs and he only updates about once a day, plus he misses a lot of important stories. Only for the surfer in a hurry who doesn't have time to get the good stuff.

Real Clear Politics
Great commentary & links to the best opinion columnists, best poll roundup. Essential election resource.

Free Republic
News forum. Most of them are idiots but its a 24/7 place where you can check out what the latest stories/op-ed pieces are and it also links humor and entertainment stuff.

National Review
All the best columnists and news stories.

Original columnists, late night jokes, news items.

Lucianne Goldberg, the woman behind Linda Tripp and Monice etc. has a newsforum. The comments are moronic but it links to interesting stories.

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