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4way.zip (152k)
Big level with a lot of diversity. Uses all 3 keys, all monsters and weapons. All skill levels supported
4way.wad review from DoomWadStation
The Beatles
Beatle.zip (3.5m)

John, Paul, George and Ringo
Beatle Sounds
Beatle Textures
Same map, monsters and objects as 4-way.wad with custom Beatle textures, animated walls and animated flats, as well as new sounds (based on Beatle songs) for every sound event in DoomII. Click on "Beatles Sounds" for list and wavs of new sounds. Click on "Beatles Textures" to see new wall textures and flats
Doom ][ Artifacts
Castlefear.zip (94k)
Castle-based wad with moat, drawbridge, lots of lifts, teleports, switches and hidden doors. Includes Foyer of Fountains, dungeon, armoury, infirmary and Grand Ballroom, down the Haunted Hallway culminating at the throne-room where the King and his court await. All keys, monsters,weapons and skill levels supported.
Blue and Green Armor
Switch69.zip (40k)
As the title suggests, this level is chockful of switches, trips, tricks, and traps. Even at "Too young to die" this is a challenging level. Lots of back doors and sniper spots for deathmatch. All keys, monsters,weapons and skill levels supported.
Doom Dude
Grandcanyon.zip (98k)
Vacation time at the Grand Canyon and all your friends are there. All monsters, keys and skill levels supported
Skull Keys
Library.zip (109k)
Alternate title was "Pleasure Island" but after visiting the island you go on to the Library where reading is FUN-damental. Uses all 3 keys, all monsters and weapons. All skill levels supported
Vengeance.zip (515k)
All five levels in one wad for continuous play. Eventually it will include eight levels in this "giantwad" format. Deathmatch and multiplayer, as well as all skill levels supported on every level.
Invulnerable Doom Dude
Doomcursor.zip (77k)
A collection of cursors, icons, and animated cursors based on monsters in Doom][
Doom .gifs
Here's some animated .gifs I made based on monsters in Doom][
(also the Cacodaemon, Armor, Artifacts, KeyCards, SkullKeys, DoomFaces, "The Only Game" and Revenant .gifs above)

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