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Some of our favorite links to sites dedicated to the great Id Software first person shooter games, Doom and Doom ][. Way back in the mid-90's we spent countless worthless (as well as underpaid) hours creating new "wads" (levels for you non-Doomers) for Doom][ for after-market distributors like Dr. Doom, DoomWadSource and Hell's Coven Doomers. Since all these sites/outlets seem to be defunct, we have claimed our work back and offer it as freeware on the WeaselDoomPage. Here are some great Doom sites. BTW, Doom is still a great game, with a quaint charm in its very (compared to today's games) primitive graphics. The engine is still a programming marvel, and the basis for many of the new games today (American McGee's new game is very reminiscent of Doom, fitting since he was one of the original designers). If you want to suggest any links for this page, e-mail Doc Weasel at docweasel@gmail.com or Raph at raphaelaarchon@hotmail.com. If you want to trade banners with Doc Weasel, check out the WeaselLinkUp Page
A new .exe for Doom, incorporating many of the features in Quake in the Doom engine (look up, aim weapon, better resolution, many, many other new features.)
Wads and other Doom stuff.
Team TNT
Complete replacement wads for Doom. Great maps.
Doom World
Complete site for all versions of Doom, including Doom3.
Skull Tag
Deathmatch wads and adapted progs for deathmatch.
Immoral Conduct
Immoral Conduct is a gameplay enhancement, rather than a complete replacement. .
Public Dang
Competion Doom awards and rankings.
Swedish Fish
Original wads, reviews, demos.
Shitloads of original wads for Doom and Boom.
Twice Risen
Complete replacement wad for Doom][.
Reviews, Wads, Editors, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 ,Final Doom, Doom and Doom2 Music.
Team Insanity
Doom][ custom wads, reviews etc.
Other Sites
Shadows Doom
Korax' Heritage / Korax Mod
Doom Legacy
DosDooms with Deathbot at Captain Mellow's
Project Doom
DoomGL and Windows Doom Multiplayer
Linux Heretic Strain 2
Doom Millennium TC
Caverns of Darkness TC at the Chaos Crew site
Hellstorm TC
Eternity TC
Skull Tag
Ninja Doom
Mordeth TC
Doomworld - major news site
New Doom - major news site
www.gamers.org/doomgate - major site
5 years of Doom (about 3 years ago)
DeHackEd Homepage
The page of Doom
Public Dang
Opulent's page
Flynn's Software
Doom Legacy Forum
Epidermis Emporium
Fanatic's Asylum - ROKS, New Breed, QDoom, Music
Parallel Team Website - Fragfest Initialized
Twilight Warrior Doom2 Total Conversion
Covert Ops Doom 2 Total Conversion
Twice Risen

RecidivuS's Doom page
Unholy Software - Nimrod
Clan DS
ricrob's place
Alpha Dooms
Lee Killough's Doom Archive
Planet ROME.RO Doom

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