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Lost Soul

Pain Elemental




Baron of Hell






Boss Brain

Which enemies will attack each other?
In all most all cases, monsters will attack other monsters of differing species if they are inadvertantly attacked when another monster misdirects a projectile or scratching/biting attack meant for a player. Some exceptions are: (1) ArchViles, who will retaliate against other monsters, but other monsters don't seem to be able to tell where the attack is coming from and rarely intentionally attack an Archie. However, after experiments in God Mode in small areas I discovered ArchViles invoking damage not only each other but can kill themselves if you force their attack in an area where they are exposed (2) Pain Elementals will direct Lost Souls toward an attacker, but the attacked monster only retaliates against the LS's, not the PE, although they usually get killed in the line of fire directed toward the LS's. (3) Of course the Boss Brain has no defense or offensive means.

Projectile monster attacks do not (usually) hurt other monsters of the same species. For example, Imp fireballs do not hurt other Imps; but do hurt other monsters. Baron green acid-balls don't hurt other Barons; Cacodemon gasballs don't hurt other Cacodemons; same deal with PlasmaSpiders, Revenants and Mancubi; and Cyberdemons are immune to their own or other Cybie rockets. Bullet attacks, however, damage all other monsters, friend or foe. Troopers, Sergeants, Chaingunners, WolfensteinSS and Spiderdemons all kill their own kind, intentionally and inadvertantly. Scratching and biting attacks are hard to misdirect but it does happen, and when it does, Demons will happily go after each other, as will Spectres, Imps, Lost Souls (contact attack) or Barons.

In rare cases, monsters will even commit suicide. There exists a demo (E1M8) of a Baron acid-balling himself to death after he causes a barrel to explode and burns himself.

Most of the info below is from "The UnOfficial Doom FAQ" To download the text file with everything you could ever possibly want to know about Doom and Doom ][, click here: Dmfaq66.zip 125k All thanks to Hank Leukart.


This chart shows the occurance of each type of monster in each mission of Doom as well as totals for each monster, mission, episode and total game count. This list is for Ultra-Violence, single-player mode only

E.M1. 1.81.9E12.
HS 9532822282247. 5214 15.1821411.. 060
SG 1684716465756629 281 10.162211... 54
IP 4184736315739540 277 14822727403946.. 275
DN ..711122071815 90 11191717263533.. 158
SP ..2.142211014 63 1222.35.. 15
LS ......... 0 .1214112630.20. 113
CA ......... 0 3.611695.10 50
BH .......2. 2 ..4432..4 17
SB ......... 0 ......... 0
CD ......... 0 .......1. 1
Tot. 2979958513117815042104 927 631158981137140892114 743

HS .6.22.72. .37311
SG 011118.189.34 91426
IP 18.34263536..18 167719
DN 58145333617.5 141389
SP 0114524..10 36114
LS .36142113329.4 129242
CA 382136229211 76126
BH ..2351115 1837
SB .......1. 11
CD ........1 12
Tot. 2680711619412647488 6972367

This chart shows the occurance of each type of monster in each level of Doom][ as well as totals for each monster, each level and total game count. Numbers correct for Ultra-Violence, single-player mode only, version 1.7a.

Lev01020304050607 080910111213141516
HS 1022156162.. 9718..1243.
SG .5020152530.5 38311215.2043.
WS ........ ........
CG .. 9101111..174 49.1717.
IP 171622205444.55 103951344722342 97
DN .28117.43 9311.15..4
SP ..43711.3 51012.23.4
LS ....62. 23318991669.
CA ....3..11 6.101610.1125
HK ....12..4. 2...3.
BH .......20. ..1..2.
AR ......12.. 736611.
PE .......410 74...6.
RV .....4... 41.41.14
MN ......7.5 ..91..15
AV ......... .1..1.2
SB .....1... .......
CD .......1. 1......
BB ......... .......
Tot. 27907855124 11419144 23827980 10912684 177161

Lev 1718192021222324 2526272829303132Tot.
HS9 116.....17. 18313...290
SG 2428101319...35 222521...483
WS. ......... ....12828156
CG 22.. 1211251725101411 611...273
IP3658101227618 31462427 212422...1223
DN. 4336..32856. .166..21.331
SP11 2127.37.8619 171...175
LS..109...164 29712....197
CA13 19611...8.23 .115...188
HK15.1 6.962.2175. ..75
BH.. .1.1...21 .3...31
AR2. 2...7.1.4 12....64
PE4. . 54...64
RV22 .2424.1.21 1761..90
MN.1 ..3.12.313 24...66
AV1. .2..2.1.2 41...17
SB.. .1..1.... 2....5
CD.. .1....... .1..15
BB.. ......... ..1..1
Tot. 125178 2088012456 106167 104101 170123 1072149 293734


This chart shows the amount of each type of ammunition it takes to kill enemies (direct hits only). Missed shots increase the amount of ammo required to kill any enemy. The last three columns relate to missiles fired by monsters. Same-species damage here is theorectical only, since same-species are (usually, see above) immune from their own projectiles (excepting bullets). Imps and Lost Souls do the same damage as single bullets. This chart pertains to Ultra-Violence mode.

Why don't some attacks add up correctly?
Looking at the chart below, we notice that it takes 400 bullets to kill a Cyberdemon, and 10 to kill a player, indicating that a player has of course 100 hit points to give and a Cybie 4000, yet it only takes 3 shots from a BFG to kill a cybie, seeming to give a BFG not 50 points but instead over 1333 at least. My theory is that various Monsters come with Armor values. Armor seems to be ineffective against plasma attacks from BFG, but protect against bullets and rockets, taking about a point of Armor with each point of Health from an attack, effectively doubling your Health. The values given here are for a play with 0% Armor. Various discrepancies in the math of hit points is probably due to the varying degrees of armor each Monster has against various attacks. It seems to work out that Monsters are most armored against attacks similar to their own mode of attack. -dw

1 Bullet = 1 point of damage
1 Shotgun Blast = 7 points (fires 7 pellets at 1 point per pellet)
(not every pellet will hit every target)
1 Super Shotgun = 14 points (fires 14 pellets)
1 Berserk (Fist) = 10 points
Cell (Plasma Rifle) = 2 points
1 Rocket = 20 points
1 BFG9000 = 50 points
Rockets and BFG9000 shots have an area effect. Only direct hit values are given here.
Monster Bullet Shotgun Rocket Cell BFG9000 Caco Baron Revenant
Player 102251743
SubHuman 21111211
Sergeant 31121211
WolfenSS 51131422
Imp 61131422
Chaingunner 71141532
LostSoul 102151743
Demon or Spectre 1421711054
Revenant 305215122108
Cacodemon 3662181271410
PainElemental 4062201271410
HellKnight/Arach 5083251341712
Mancubus 6093301402015
ArchVile 70104351502418
Baron of Hell 100155501673425
Spider Boss 3004315150220010075
Cyberdemon 40058202003267134100
Boss Brain 5083251341712
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