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SGG 01 :: Culture War
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The first Chapter of the Guy of Guisbourne Saga

"You are the Guy of Guisbourne, first-born son of the King, but your mother, the Queen, dies giving birth and your father soon remarries. his new Queen has a son of her own, and she plots to make him King. You are taken to the woods and set adrift on the river by your nurse, who is in league with the evil Queen. Your dead body will no doubt be found and her son, the Pig, will take control of Kingdom upon your father's death, which mysteriously follows your own disappearance.

But you do not die.

You are found and raised by the Woodsmen accross the mountain from the Kingdom. You learn the ways of woodcraft and your regal lineage becomes apparent as you reach maturity. Your prowess with the bow and sword, as well as your leadership skills are such that the people elect you the Clan Leader of their tribe. And here the adventure begins:

Wooden Castle Overview Sleeping Village Landscape Detail Mountain Pass

You are now a Clan Leader of a small woodland community, with a Stronghold and village protected by the highland passes of the North. You people live peacefully and reasonably prosperously only by hunting and gathering, since there is no arable land in your lands and your craftmanship and technical skills are limited.

Word comes from afar that the Pig, now in complete and cruel control of your father's small Kingdom, has gone on a journey to recruit soldiers. He has become aware of your existance, and the Wooden Fortress you and your followers inhabit. He intends to reinforce his Kingdom and outfit an army with Macemen and Crossbowmen, and then he will drive you and your people from the Valley, and kill you if he can. You have no chance facing him as you are, simple hunters and woodsmen.

However, you and your advisors devise a plan: if you can capture the Pig's settlement and his Craftsmen and their Guilds, you can outfit your own army. Once you are well established and safely ensconsed in his Fort he may abandon trying to retake it and leave you and your followers, combined with the original subjects, in peace in your rightful place as King of the Forest Kingdom, to enjoy a much improved life, thanks to the mastery of farming, animal husbandry and advanced weaponry you will acquire if you are successful.

The Pig controls the Mountain Pass and the River Bridges, but you and your woodsmen know all the highways and byways and may be able to ambush them. Or, you might bypass them and once you have taken the Fort they will become loyal to your cause. Bon Chance."

Originally an entry in the "Castles of Wood, Men of Leather" map competition. As per the rules of that contest, it contains only wooden structures other than the unavoidable stone Chapel and Armories. Only Spearmen, Archers, Crossbowmen and Macemen are used in the Scenario. Combines Invasion with Economic goals for Victory.

I tried to make this map with some interesting topographical details that worked into the story line and added to gameplay values.


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