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SGG 03 :: 50 Score Dead Pigs
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Being the Third Installment of the Saga of Guy of Guisbourne:

"Having accomplished the mission of destroying the Sea-faring armies on the coast, you dis-assemble the Castle and rebuild it further down the coast. You reside there awaiting the Emporer's orders.

Meantime, he Wolf has encroached upon your territory, establishing a village right outside your gates and setting up a port settlement on the Bay that formerly afforded your community access to the Sea. You have already ordered the village razed and burnt, and are set to begin bombardment of PortTown.

The Wolf has called upon allies and mercenaries to capture your Stronghold and execute you and your Knights. Your mission: Demoralize the Wolf's major ally, The Pig, by killing fifty score of his troops so he will abandon the invasion, taking the other allies with him, and by killing the Wolf so he cannot call for anymore reinforcements. After dealing with the Wolf, seize his thriving PortTown as your own."

Castle Walls Tower Bridge Suspension Bridges Wooden Suspension Bridges Port Village

This is fairly defensible castle, you just need to get the recruits positioned quickly before the enemy can breach the walls and make its way through to your Stronghold.

This map has been hanging around for a while, every so often I'd mess with it and tweak it, hence the suspension bridges, port village, as well as the stone, pitch and iron niches. You are supplied with nearly unlimited gold, recruits, weapons, food and resources, but you have to rely on your own workers for pitch and stone (no big deal really).

A few modifications. Siege equipment unmanned. Spies in the Castle. Fewer Knights to start. No stone for repairs. Massive Siege Engine attacks. The new Jester isn't all that funny. Bad vibes. Its not all good in Strongholdland.

Comments & criticism welcome. Thanks for checking this map out.


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