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SGG 07 :: Knight Riders
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Being the Seventh Chapter in the Saga of Guy of Guisborne:

"Having rescued your Queen, you return to the Court of the Emporer for your next mission. You and your Knights stop to rest your horses and refit your Armour in the lovely Duchy of Middlesea. Bandits and Invaders prey on the peaceful inhabitants and destroy their crops.

You agree to oversee the recruiting and outfitting of a squad of Riders while the farmers stockpile a store of 1000 baskets of fruit. After the Granaries are loaded, the people can barricade themselves into the natural fortress in the Mountain where their Stronghold lies.

You will command the workers and build Iron Mines and defend the Miners as they supply the Blacksmiths and Armourers with Iron for weapons and armour.

You must make haste, because the invasions become more and more frequent. Do not over-populate the small community, for over 100 population will cause hardships. Even a score more than that might doom the community.

After chivalrously aiding these beleaguered souls, you can ride on to your next mission."

Crossbow Nest Shrine & Chapel Military Complex Granaries, Mill, & Bakeries

This mission is based on Knight battles with a few Monks and Archers included. The Stronghold is based on a central highground with limited entrance so that a small group can defend the Lord while Knights ride out to attack scattered Invasions.

The rate of weapon production and the fact that Knights are not durable like Archers and Crossbowmen in Towers makes it impossible to simply guard each entry point, instead you will have to redeploy your forces as needed.

Comments & criticism welcome. Thanks for checking this map out.


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