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SGG 08 :: The Citadel
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Being the Eighth Installment of the Guy of Guisbourne Saga

"After you return to the Court of the Emperor from Middlesea, you find the countries enemies have assembled a massive host, marching for the center of the Empire. Until a defending army can be raised, you must command The Citadel, a formidable fortress lying in the Vasty Fields of Alemane, with adamantine Towers armed with Ballistas, a towering Stronghold with stout walls surrounded by a wide moat.

You lack enough skilled soldiers to adequately man the fort, but there are several hundred Crossbowmen imprisoned by the Wolf's men in nearby prisons. If you can free them before the invaders arrive, man the walls fall back to the inner defenses slowly, you might be able to hold them off long enough for the Emperor to reinforce The Citadel and you will have saved the Empire.

One danger of being isolated in the fort: it is impossible to dispose of dead and rotting soldiers, and as you sustain mass casualties there is a danger of disease. Lacking skilled Masons, you can only repair your damaged Towers and Gatehouses, but not build any new ones or replace any that are destroyed. You also cannot build or repair any stone walls."

Weapons Manufactories Bakeries, Mills, Breweries Stronghold & Keep Execution Day Stockpile Island

No real economic factor here other than production of Bows in a few Fletchers. The main goal of this mission is to withstand multiple attacks by large numbers of enemy with many siege engines. Losing all your outlying towers is a given because of all the catapults and trebuchets, but the longer you can keep them the more likely you will withstand the siege.

There are increasing Plague events for losses of 100, 200, 300 and 400 of your own troops. There is the added handicap that you can only repair existing gatehouses and towers but not bulid or rebuild any, nor repair or replace walls.

The only Crossbowmen available are imprisoned at the edges of the map. There is just enough time to get them back into the fort before the invasions begin, and without them its virtually impossible to repel the masses of armoured Swordsmen and Pikemen. If you clear the map regular Archers will show up periodically. You can also replace your Ballistas and use Hot Pitch wherever possible, but no Pitch Ditches.

Comments & criticism welcome. Thanks for checking this map out.


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