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This is the 9 part epic saga of Sir Guy of Guisbourne, disposessed heir to the throne, and his struggle to regain his rightful kingdom and his further service to the Emporer against the 4 Enemies. All these maps are for Stronghold, the medieval castle-building, military and economic strategy game by FireFly Studios

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SGG 01 :: Culture War
"You are the Guy of Guisbourne, first-born son of the King, but your mother, the Queen, dies giving birth and your father soon remarries. his new Queen has a son of her own, and she plots to make him King. You are taken to the woods and set adrift on the river by your nurse, who is in league with the evil Queen. Your dead body will no doubt be found and her son, the Pig, will take control of Kingdom upon your father's death, which mysteriously follows your own disappearance.

But you do not die..."

SGG 02 :: Pyramidish
"You are assigned to take command of a most important redoubt on the Sea Coast. A ring of Gates and Towers surround your Stronghold, perched on a lonely stretch of sandbar on the seashore. Attackers come from all directions, and although you have a nearly unlimited supply of Gold, Food and Recruits, you have a small and limited Armoury. You can only draft a few Crossbowmen, and are thereafter only Archers and Macemen to battle Armoured Swordsmen and Pikemen who swarm your Castle..."
SGG 03 :: 50 Score Dead Pigs
"Having accomplished the mission of destroying the Sea-faring armies on the coast, you dis-assemble the Castle and rebuild it further down the coast. You reside there awaiting the Emporer's orders.

Meantime, he Wolf has encroached upon your territory, establishing a village right outside your gates and setting up a port settlement on the Bay that formerly afforded your community access to the Sea. You have already ordered the village razed and burnt, and are set to begin bombardment of PortTown..."

SGG 04 :: Iron Fist, Stone Heart
"Having disposed of the Wolf and established a thriving Port, the Emporer now bids you move inland and take command of a more important city with a yet more perilous mission.

There is constructed completely self-sufficient fortified city, enclosed in a formidable wall. The Emporer has requested 200 Bread to help feed his army. He has paid you 50,000 in Gold to fulfill this contract. Also, he will send you all the recruits you can arm to help you in your mission..."

SGG 05 :: 8 Villages

"Again you have completed your mission well, and in reward the Emporer has given you domain over a large and thriving Kingdom. However, he has also levied a tax upon your realm: you must supply him with 400 Stone, 200 Bread, 40 Ale and 200 Fruit. To complicate matters, your far-flung realm of 8 small villages, each dedicated to a different Craft, Farm or Industry, is infested with marauders who are killing civilians, wrecking property, disrupting production..."

SGG 06 :: SwordQuest

"During your long abscence in service to the Emporer, your Queen has been kidnapped by the another scion of the nefarious Wolf, who demands a Ransom of 24 Enchanted Swords, forged from the Blessed Iron Ore found only in the Sacred Mines, and which can only be crafted by the Monks who reside there..."

SGG 07 :: Knight Riders

"Having rescued your Queen, you return to the Court of the Emporer for your next mission. You and your Knights stop to rest your horses and refit your Armour in the lovely Duchy of Middlesea. Bandits and Invaders prey on the peaceful inhabitants and destroy their crops..."

SGG 08 :: The Citadel

"After you return to the Court of the Emporer from Middlesea, you find the countries enemies have assembled a massive host, marching for the center of the Empire. Until a defending army can be raised, you must command The Citadel, a formidable fortress lying in the Vasty Fields of Alemane, with adamantine Towers armed with Ballistas, a towering Stronghold with stout walls surrounded by a wide moat..."

SGG 09 :: Evil Empire
The Four Evil Kings have allied against you and are ravaging the countryside. Although your new Stronghold is well-nigh impregnable, you wish to rid the Empire of the depredations of the Unholy Four, but they are protected by their combined armies in a mighty fortress, and they receive regular reinforcements. Worse yet, they are growing stonger and the number and frequency of reinforcement grows by the month. Sponsored by the King in this mission, you have nearly unlimited gold, weapons and recruits, but time is limited. Defeat the Evil Empire in less than 20 years or all is lost..."

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