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docweasel.com DoomWads: 4way review
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Doom Main Title docweasel.com DoomWads: 4way review from DoomWadStation

review by Bob Larkin at DoomWadStation

Designed for Doom2 - no specific port. I played it with Zdoom. Also works with all the usual ports and should play with vanilla Doom2 as well.

Think you've got what it takes Punk? Well, do ya? This map is filled to the evil rafters of Hell itself with badasses. I couldn't even begin to count how many.... This is a slugfest through and through. Don't plan on visiting your relatives any time soon.

Very confusing. This is a huge map with tons of hidden areas, secret doors, and on and on and on. I've spent hours in this map and still haven't got a clue what is going on or where the damn keys are. On the other hand I've found it completely addicting. This is one that you will spend hours going back to time and time again just because.... Still.... I'm lost in hell and can't find my way out again.

This is an older map the author suggested I try and it shows its age a little with limited architecturaly design. What this map lacks in architecture it more than makes up for in pure bloodshed. It is, as mentioned before, rather confusing with some very well hidden doors and switches that do something that I haven't discovered yet. Everything seems to have a purpose but discovering what that purpose is can be difficult. Just try the map and see what you think.

While lacking in detail and confusing as hell, you will NEVER be bored and in some cases may actually find yourself wishing you were in any room but the one you just accidentally wandered into.... Have fun!

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