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erotic stories :: get2itt
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get2itt erotic stories
All get2itt's stories have a common thread; no bullshit plots, charactor development, sidelights, or other crap. Just sex. get2itt brings a selection of stories from the get2itt archive. All these stories have been written at readers' request. If you have a scenario you would like to see a story written around, Email get2itt at get2itt@hotmail.com. If your idea finds favor, you will see the story here with a thanks to the originator of the idea. We also have a new Get2itt Forum to post story ideas.

Baby Sitter Gets To It
(lesbian, anal, impreg, virgin, straight, teen)   

Bikers Get To It
(gay, straight, anal, domination, cheat)

Breaking in a Gay Slut
(gay, anal, virgin, domination, teen)

Camping With Uncle Bob
(gay, anal, virgin, teen, incest)

Coeds Get To It
(lesbian, anal, impreg)

First Time Gay
(lesbian, teen, incest)

Deena and Mira Get To It
(lesbian, teen, incest)

Mira, Deena and Deena's Boyfriend Get To It
(lesbian, anal, virgin, straight, teen, incest)

Stepmom and Kids Get To It
(lesbian, anal, virgin, straight, impreg, teen, incest)

Trucker and Hitchhiker Get To It
(gay, anal, teen)

Lita's First Time by special guest writer Lita
(lesbian, strapon, oral, anal, teen)

Savage Sex Stories
New Captives
(BDSM, mutilation, torture, snuff)

Savage Sex
(BDSM, mutilation, rape, torture, snuff)

Warning: due to the fact that these stories are reader inspired, and get2itt seems to have some pretty imaginative readers, some of them are very intense. We ask you to remember these are works of fiction. docweasel.com neither condones nor condemns the acts described in these stories. The only editing we did was to remove all reference to ages of the characters in the stories. You will just have to use your imagination. Other than that, just about anything goes. Whatever your depraved imaginations can come up with, send it in and maybe get2itt will make it real. A description of some of the action in each story follows the title.

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