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erotic stories :: Marie LeClare
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Marie LeClare erotic stories
docweasel.com is glad to welcome our newest writer, Marie. Comment on her stories or post a story idea here: Story Forum

"Hi, I'm TinaMarie LeClare, my friends call me Marie or Mar. I'm 26, born in Canada, September 4, 1978. I'm 5'6", brunette and I weigh 120 pounds. My family moved to Columbus, Ohio, then I moved to Dallas, Texas, where I used to work for Southwest Airlines and model part time. The other important fact is that I'm a lesbian. I have had a soulmate for 10 months, and I love her more than life itself. I don't hate men, I just don't want to have sex with them. Recently I tried my hand at writing erotic stories. Hope you enjoy them!"

= new stories!

Marie is not only a talented and intelligent writer, she's a gorgeous model. Check out
Marie's Erotic Pix #1
Marie's Erotic Pix #2
Marie's Erotic Pix #3

Below is what we here at docweasel.com believe to be the most complete, comprehensive and organized collection of Marie's stories, with keywords. The stories have been edited and formatted and in some cases minor corrections were made in grammar, spelling, standardized style, punctuation and usage. Some reorganization and reworking has been done for readability and consistency and to eliminate redundancies. However, the content and spirit of Marie's vision remains intact.

If you know of a story that isn't here, please email us or join our dwf forum and let us know and we'll include it next update.

Alphabetical list of Marie's Sapphic Erotica:
Age of Innocence Lost
(lesbian, teen, oral)

(lesbian, teen, first-time)

(lesbian, teen, first-time)

The Arrangement
(lesbian, oral, spanking, domination)

At the Movies
(lesbian, strangers, mutual masturbation, pain)

Atlanta Flight
(lesbian, oral, pee-drinking, spank)

Aunt Sophie, Ann & Marie
(lesbian, oral, adult/teens)

Beauty & The Beast
(lesbian, torture, whipping, BDSM, slave, fetish, spanking, strap-on, snuff)

Being Spanked by Sister Mary
(lesbian, spanking, fingering, pussy bumping, foot fetish, )

Beyond Lust
(lesbian, teen, adult-youth, inter-racial, oral)

Bike Race plus additional revised version
(lesbian, dyke, oral, 3-way, strap-on)

(lesbian, oral, teen, forced sex, bondage, virgin, cherry-popping, anal, first-time, rape, fingering )

Book Store
(lesbian, 1st time, oral)

Book Store on Hanover Street
(lesbian, oral, spanking, whipping, anal)

(lesbian, oral, dildo, anal)

Brianna the Babysitter
(lesbian, oral, teen)

Buns of Steel
(lesbian, virgin, oral, pussy bumping)

California, Here I 'Cum'
(lesbian, oral)

Call Me Mommy
(lesbian, oral, teen, spanking, phone sex)

Casey and the Nuns
(lesbian, teen, 3-way, analingus, oral, nuns)

Casino Gold
(lesbian, anal play, oral, clit bumping)

Caught Masturbating
(lesbian, masturbation, foot fetish, fingering, oral, anal)

Christmas Carol
(lesbian, teen, oral)

Celtic Women
(lesbian, oral, 3-way, anal, teen, adult-youth)

City Life
(lesbian, oral, fingering, first-time)

Cleaning Lady
(lesbian, 3-way, oral)

(lesbian, teen, pedo, adult/youth, first-time, fingering, oral, 3-way)

(lesbian, oral, teen, nuns)

Dance With the Devil
(lesbian, oral, teen, watersports, adult-youth)

Dancing Teacher
(lesbian, teen, pedo, oral, fingering)

Daughter and Me
(lesbian, oral, teen, whipping, anal, strap-on, dildo, bondage, incest, 3-way)

Doctor's Office
(lesbian, fucking, bizarre)

Doctor's Office Manager
(lesbian, kissing, oral)

Dorm Mother
(lesbian, first-time, fingering, teen, pedo, strap-on, virgin, cherry-pop)

Dress Shop
(lesbian, oral)

(lesbian, pussy-shaving, oral, virgin, first-time, adult-youth)

ER Nurse
(lesbian, dyke, domination, spank)

Erica Drag King
(lesbian, oral, cross-dressing, strap-on, spank)

European Escort
(lesbian, hooker, oral, analingus, foot fetish, older)

Eyes Across the Room
(lesbian, oral, fingering)

Fingering on the Road
(lesbian, masturbation, adult-youth, teen, pedo, incest, exhibitionism, strap-on, 3-way, dyke,)

Flight Attendants Are Fun
(lesbian, oral, spank, teen, incest, strap-on, anal, older)

Flight For Mother's Milk
(lesbian, lactation, masturbation)

Flight to Nashville
(lesbian, analingus, 4-way, oral)

Flight to Nowhere
(lesbian, dyke, rape, oral, strap-on)

Flight to Paradise
(lesbian, masturbation, fingering, teen, adult-youth, incest, anal, 3-way)

Flight With Samantha
(lesbian, oral, fisting, group)

Flight Sex
(lesbian, oral, anal)

Foster Mother
(lesbian, oral, spanking, incest, strap-on, adult-youth, teen)

Fun at the Airport
(lesbian, oral, teen, incest)

Fun on the Bus
(lesbian, oral, pre-teen, fingering)

Fun at Home
(lesbian, oral, teen, incest)

Fun at the Mall
(lesbian, oral, anal)

Head Nurse
(lesbian, oral, older)

(lesbian, fantasy, masturbation, toys)

Her Daughter Dee
(lesbian, incest, first-time)

Hospital Massage
(lesbian, massage, oral, 3-way)

Hospital Massage 2
(lesbian, oral, sensuous massage, fingering, strap-on)

(lesbian, teen, first time, forced, strap-on, virgin, oral)

(lesbian, oral)

It Happened One Night
(lesbian, pussy-bumping, kissing, romance)

Kari's Idea
(lesbian, anal, virgin, teen, incest)

Kelly's Sorority Sisters
(lesbian, oral, dry-hump, masturbation)

KimSoo Nail Tech
(lesbian, waxing, oral, anal)

Kitten With a Whip
(lesbian, BDSM, whipping, bondage, spanking, slave, torture, toys)

Lady Cop and the Porno Queen
(lesbian, oral, 3-way, strap-on)

Lady Mail Carrier
(lesbian, oral, clit bumping)

Leather Love
(lesbian, bsdm, oral, anal)

Lesbian Granny
(lesbian, oral, older, multiple)

(lesbian, oral, teen, public sex)

Little Darlings
(lesbian, pre-teen, pedo, oral, fisting)

Living Two Lives
(lesbian, oral, adult-youth, pedo, teen, snuff)

London To Liverpool
(lesbian, oral, 3-way, incest, age difference)

London Shopgirl
(lesbian, oral, strap-on, anal)

Lori, Her Mother and Me
(lesbian, teen, 3-way, masturbation, oral, clit-fuck, incest)

Maddy's Rear Window
(lesbian, whipping, oral, pussy-bumping)

Mama's Clit Ring
(lesbian, teen, incest, masturbation, first-time)

(lesbian, anal play, oral, 3-way, strap-on)

Marie and Dawn
(lesbian, teen, oral)

Marie and Michelle
(lesbian, teen, oral, double-dildo)

Marie's Bath
(shaving, fantasy, masturbation)

Marie's Pleasure Ranch
(lesbian, oral)

Massage Student
(lesbian, sensuous massage, oral, masturbation, teen, pedo, rimming, anal, incest)

Matinee Lesbian Slut
(lesbian, oral, teen, older, first time)

(lesbian, teen, oral, first-time, spanking, humping)

Meeting Marly at the Mall
(lesbian, teen, oral, first-time)

Meeting Marly at the Mall part two
(lesbian, teen, oral)

Meeting of the Porno Stars
(lesbian, porno, oral)

Meeting Sarah
(lesbian, oral, teen, 3-way)

Megan and Lauren
(lesbian, teen, first-time, anal, mommy)

(lesbian, oral, fingering)

Miki Gets Religion
(lesbian, oral, spank, teen, nun, fingering, older)

Miki's Mother
(lesbian, incest, teen, oral)

(lesbian, pedo, teen, oral, analingus)

Model's Red Dress
(lesbian, oral, 3-way, foot fetish)

More Furring Fun
(lesbian, 3-way, fur fetish)

More Mother's Milk
(lesbian, lactation)

Movie Theater 1
(lesbian, XXX movie, teen, oral, mutual masturbation)

Movie Theater 2
(lesbian, XXX movie, mutual masturbation)

Ms. Magee
(lesbian, spanking, whipping, oral, 3way)

Mrs. Fields
(lesbian, teen, first time, oral)

My Girlfriend, My Mother and Me
(lesbian, oral, strap-on, 4-way, teen, mommy)

My Daughter
(lesbian, oral, incest, teen)

My Lover's Daughter
(lesbian, teen, oral)

My Roommate Marie
(lesbian, masturbation)

My Stepmother and I
(lesbian, teen, incest)

My Weekend in N.Y.
(lesbian, masturbation, fingering, oral, BDSM, piss-play, whipping, nipple clamps, strap-on, anal)

Nancy With the Laughing Eyes
(lesbian, cyber-sex, teen, pedo, adult-youth, oral, first-time)

(lesbian, fur fetish, masturbation)

Nun at the Wedding
(lesbian, oral, nun)

Nuns of India
(lesbian, teen, oral, nun)

Nurses' Lounge
(lesbian, oral, 1st time, teen, spank)

Online Goddess
(lesbian, fantasy, self-torture, fetish, anal, toys, fisting, cyber)

Only a Foot Away
(lesbian, oral, dyke, foot-fetish, anal, teen, spank)

Park Encounter
(lesbian, oral, teen, stranger, cop, 3way)

(lesbian, oral, teen, incest, mommy, strap-on, 3way)

Pool Hustler
(lesbian, oral, first time, fingering)

Pregnant Play
(lesbian, pregnant, oral)

(lesbian, spank, oral, dom)

Pussy Palace
(lesbian, oral, orgy, fingering, teen, strap-on, domination, anal)

Red Dress
(lesbian, teen, incest, mommy)

Remaining Moments
(cyber, fantasy, suicide, no sex)

(lesbian, oral, nudity, public sex)

Rodeo Queen
(lesbian, oral, toys)

Saturday Sex Movies
(lesbian, dyke, teen, firsttime, group, oral)

Sauna in Belize
(lesbian, oral, fingering, teen, incest, adult-youth, 3-way)

School Nurse 1
(lesbian, teen, older, pussy-bumping)

School Nurse 2
(lesbian, masturbation, oral, voyeur)

School Superintendant
(lesbian, teen, oral, strap-on)

School Trip
(lesbian, group sex, teen, oral, anal play, strap-on)

(lesbian, oral, teen, first-time, strap-on, virgin)

Sex Club
(lesbian, group sex, whip, oral)

Sexy French Student
(lesbian, oral, teen, older)

(lesbian, masturbation, fantasy, toys)

Sister Martha
(lesbian, 1st time, oral, nuns)

Sister Mary Joseph
(lesbian, spank, dom, nuns)

Sister's Bad Day
(lesbian, teen, 1st time, spank, whip, strap-on, oral, nun)

Snack Bar
(lesbian, oral, analingus)

(lesbian, dyke, oral)

Spanked Cheerleader
(lesbian, teen, spank, oral, strap-on, cross-dressing)

Special Duty Nurse
(lesbian, oral, anal play, fingering, spanking)

Special Friends
(lesbian, oral, dildo, strap-on)

Struggling Artist
(lesbian, oral, dildo, strap-on)

Subway Ride 1
(lesbian, public sex, fingering, anal play)

Subway Ride 2
(lesbian, public sex, fingering, anal, oral, cop)

Susan's Mom
(lesbian, incest,pre-teen, pedo, oral, anal play)

Sweet Texas Peach
(lesbian, oral, teen)

Tara's Awakening
(lesbian, oral, teen, 1st time)

Tasting Lisa
(lesbian, oral, teen, first-time)

Taxi Driver
(lesbian, oral, bondage)

Third Base
(lesbian, exhibitionist, oral, pussy-bumping)

(lesbian, bath, oral, fingering, clit-fucking)

(lesbian, oral)

(lesbian, teen, 3-way, whipping, oral, masturbation, incest)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
(lesbian, oral, 3-way, strap-on, anal)

Valentine's Day
(lesbian, oral, clit-bumping)

Victoria's Secret
(lesbian, oral, teen, adult-youth, fingering, 1st time)

Visiting Nurse
(lesbian, oral, teen, adult-youth, fingering, 1st time)

Walk in the Park
(lesbian, 3-way, strap-on, oral, fingering, spanking)

Welcome to Wales
(lesbian, oral, spanking)

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