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Flying Circus Sounds
Click to download the sound (.wav format)
"Albatross!" 1 sec/5k
"Is this the right room for an argument?" 1 sec/5k
Argument Clinic (complete sketch) 3min 38secs/535k
"How about a sale of two titties?" 3 sec/9k
Bookshop (complete sketch) 4min 22secs/642k
Yeah, yeah I know, this is from an LP not TV, we'll move it when we get to that section.
"Fine, fine. Well, just a pair of panties then please." 4 sec/11k
"Yes? Burglar, madam. What do you want?
I want to come in and steal a few things, madam.."
5 sec/15k
"You've ... you've got a nice army base here, Colonel.
Yes. We wouldn't want anything to happen to it. "
6 secs/18k
"It's hot enough to boil a monkey's bum in here." 2 secs/6k
"No Pooftas!" 1 sec/6k
Philosopher's Song 51 secs/127k

Flying Circus JPGs
Perfect size for your desktop wall paper!
Click to download (unzipped/zipped)

Face Collage
800 x 600px 470k bmp
350k zip

800 x 600px 470k bmp
247k zip

Lady Gumbys
800 x 600px 470k bmp
247k zip

Nudge Nudge
800 x 600px 470k bmp
237k zip

Upper Class Twit
800 x 600px 470k bmp
266k zip

Blue Man (tile)
129 x 97px. 14k bmp
6k zip

Hodgepodge (tile)
129 x 97px. 14k bmp
7k zip

Suspenders (tile)
129 x 97px. 14k bmp
8k zip

Venus on the halfshell (tile)
129 x 97px. 14k bmp 8k zip

Flying Circus Stuff
Desktop Theme, Screensaver, Icons
Python Icons
Amazing collection of animated cursors, desktop icons, pointers, complete replacement cursors for Windows. Spiny Norman, Silly walks, Fawlty Towers, Holy Grail, all things Python represented, very nicely done. Pirated from. Very nice work by Garrett "The Bug" Gilchrist and Linus "The Llama" Boman.

pythicon.zip 235k
Python Desktop Theme
Wallpaper, desktop icons, cursors (mostly different from the ones in the first set) and sound events all bundled together with a Plus installer. Again, nicely done, again, pirated from MontyPython.net. Full credits are in the .zip for another great job by Garrett "The Bug" Gilchrist and Linus "The Llama" Boman.

pytheme.zip 1.3mb
Black Beast of Argh Screensaver
Cool screensaver, based of course on the BBOA. From the same guys, same site.

arghsavr.zip 456k
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