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Truth Hurts/Interview
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Truth Hurts homepage "We're a very lyrical band... we try to tell stories in our songs, and they're all either true stories, or very believable situations. But, most importantly, we tell it like it is... We're tired of people seeing people for what they aren't. So... we make it known what we think."
-Dan Madole, Truth Hurts


The Jewish Mofos started as a joke of sorts but, as guitarist and singer Dan Madole says "We dropped most of the Jews because they weren't doing anything." They brought in bassist Bobby Hendrick, and three guitarists, two singers and a drummer later, they are doing things, as the Virginia Beach based trio "Truth Hurts". They started performing wherever they could; small clubs, people's houses, coffee shops. For the past year the band has kept playing, writing original tunes and recording a demo. I sat down to talk to Dan and Bob this week, just as another challenge hit the band, the departure of their drummer.

DW How'd you two meet?, and at what point did you honestly feel that as a unit, you had something?
Bob Well, how long has it been? 14 years?
Dan About that. More like thirteen. I moved to the area in 1989, when I was six, and he was the first friend I made in my first day of school here.
Bob Lets see... I was filling in on bass for Dan's first band, Mind's Eye I think it was still called then, and eventually they kicked out their first bassist cuz he wasn't good enough, and we've been some kind of band ever since

DW So why did the drummer leave?
Dan No dedication, really. He didn't leave so much as we let him go. He wasn't into what we were doing, so it was the best we could do for him and us.

DW How has Truth Hurts grown musically through your personnel changes?
Dan Well, for me, I've had to learn to really play guitar a lot more. Originally, I was a guitarist and singer, and we'd always had a guitarist to play when I wasn't. When we lost our two guitarists, I just decided to take over the guitar role and sing as well. I've learned how to write better songs and lyrics since then.
Bob Yeah. Also, early on, Dan did almost all the writing, and I've been taking a bit of a more active role lately. Most stuff is still in the development stage, but as a for instance, I came up with a riff at practice one day, and it became a song called Isolation. Dan writes most things at home by himself, but a sometimes we just jam and say "That sounds cool" and we go with it.

DW What are some of your influences? What band or musician would you say inspired you to get serious about music?
Bob As a band...Nickelback is a big one, maybe some System of a Down, Sevendust, but we dot exactly sound like them. My own personal influences are a bit heavier, like Sepultura and Pantera.
Dan Yes... also, a lot of stuff from everywhere on the spectrum. We have influences all over the place. For me, it was Sevendust. Seeing them do their live show just made me think "Hmm... I really do want to do this!" Their live show was unstoppable, and I want to do that, in a different way.

DW What bands have you had a chance to check out that have caught your attention?
Bob Ill Nino has been a big one recently. We saw them just over a week ago, and they're absolutely incredible

DW If you could chose one highlight or golden moment from the past year, what would it be?
Dan December 30th: Our debut show. Played for our friends at my house, and kicked ass doing it. Everyone seemed to like us, and it was a great way to cap off a great year.

DW What are your short term goals for the band, what are you working on day to day?
Dan To get our demo actually done in a real studio and get that out. Also, to get more shows with that so we can take the sound to the people. Also, just writing good songs.

DW Where do you hope the band is, say next year at this time?
Dan Playing live, doing shows, and we hope to have a local following big enough to justify a full length CD that we can really shine with.

DW What gear do you use live?
Bob Yorkville amplification, my favorite bass is a Yamaha, but I also use a Lotus, its been pretty faithful to me since I started
Dan I have a Samick guitar that I use for low-tuned songs, and a black Ibanez Gio that I use for higher tuned songs. Boss Metal Zone Distortion, Ibanez CF7 chorus/flanger, Crate Amp, Shure Mics.

DW What will be the next piece of equipment you buy?
Dan Wah pedal, unless I can get another decent guitar for a low enough price. But probably a wah anyways, because it's the last creative element I need.

DW If you could have any instrument, any brand or model, what would you pick?
Dan Gibson Studio, for sure. Sweet sound, plays like a dream... just a great guitar, period. I need to introduce you, Bob, to a Curbow 6-String.

DW How would you describe your music?
Dan We're a very lyrical band... we try to tell stories in our songs, and they're all either true stories, or very believable situations. But, most importantly, we tell it like it is... We're tired of people seeing people for what they aren't. So... we make it known what we think.
Bob I think hard rock covers it, its tough to put us in a category.
Dan Probably best described as a cross between Sevendust's more melodic moments and anything that bands like Nickelback and Alice In Chains do.
Bob Seems to me its mostly... positive wrapped in an angst blanket if that makes any sense.
Dan Hmm... one thing about Truth Hurts is that we're dedicated to making good music. We won't hesitate to try something that seems 'off' if it sounds like it might sound good. We've tried a lot of things.

DW So you aren't afraid to experiment?
Bob Yeah, if it sounds good we'll try and use it.
Dan Female singers, keyboards, rap-metal... so far it hasn't worked, but we'll try anything twice. One thing that has worked is having some songs in low tunings. It adds to our sound a lot. Live shows, we generally stick to what we know, but yeah, we're flexible. Plus, we do arrange things differently on the spot, like sticking in a solo where there wasn't one, extending a bridge, breaking a song into two pieces (which happened to "Funeral" and is part of how we get "Isolation").

DW Do you think pain and suffering makes a better artist?
Bob Oh jeez, pain is rampant in our lyrics.
Dan Indeed. "Simplicity's Rewards" came from pain. I had tried to talk to a girl and tell her what I thought of her. I liked her and wanted her to know. She rejected me so hardcore, I was reeling. So, a week later, she hooks up with a friend. The next day, I ask this friend for some paper and pen to write on and with. In about twenty minutes, "Simplicity's Rewards" was written: The answers are all black and white when you decided to see
Even when I asked what about you and me...
The simple answer I expected just that
But it crushed my spirit, now I'm laid out flat.
The simple answer, well maybe for you
But for me I'll be trying to forget about you.
DW Guys, thanks for your time, I've had a great time talking to you, we should do this again in a few months.
Dan Thanks for the opportunity.
Bob Definitely, glad to do it.

Truth Hurts demo is on sale directly from the band for $5. Email Dan at or Bobby for info. Visit the band at http://docweasel.com. doc

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