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Motograder /Motograder
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Motograder This week docweasel.com's newest music reviewer, cerebraldown, brings you a review of the latest release by the very unique and strange band Motograder.

Motograter - The little engine that never could...

This is one theatrical band that had some potential to be nu-metals next big hit in the booming shock rock movement, but unfortunately for singer Ghost, drummer Crispy, guitarist J.R, bassist A-Bomb and percussionists Grater and Smur their post-apocalyptic sound reached listener's ears a little too late when shock rock bands such as Mudvayne decided to remove there face paint and claim to focus more on the music then a vibrant stage show and Slipknot, who had members removing their masks in side projects, such as Joey Jordison in Murderdolls and Corey Taylor in StoneSour. Theatrical metal was at a dead end and Motograter hit it hard.

Named after a home-made springed/percussion instrument, the motograter is made from industrial-strength cable, cranks and gears, combining guitar and bass into the ultimate sonic weapon that serves as the cornerstone of the group’s pummeling onslaught of sound.

The motograter was the brainchild of the Texan sextet's founder, Grater.

“I come from the school where you try and approach the music in a different way,” says Grater. “I’ve always built my own instruments. The industry was so clogged with the stereotypical guitar, bass and drums. We wanted to do something that was not standard. The group, in essence formed around the instrument.”

Another one of there home-made instruments are the Smur drums which are basicallyy just grotesquely decorated percussion drums. Despite Motograder's originality listeners still claimed them as rip offs and "posers."

The sound on their debut self-titled album is a furious one with such a unique intimidating instrument. I would describe it as a eye opener to how so much is going wrong in the world. Somewhat of a wake up call saying "Hey guess what? Its nearing the end and you're fucked!"

A doomsday prophecy that is just building up and building up until it explodes in your face. After the fire though there are the ashes and the melodic style of Ghost's voice clearly gets across the gloomy aftermath. Besides from the vocals the rest of the music is like a sonic boom of tribal fury with deep low guitar riffs, war drums, and a thunderous bass line.

Listening to their album is one thing but seeing them play live is like witnessing a war. They even wear war paint and do a little ritual to get themselves ready for the battle. If you're in a band and have ever played a live show then you would agree that sometimes it is like a battle to win over the crowd. With only one successful tour(Ozzfest2004) and problems with there record label this band was doomed (like there music's message) for failure. Half a year after Ozzfest they tried to break away from their record label in search of someone who would give them the proper attention they felt they deserved. They still haven't found that someone and their previous label still haunts them.

They last went on tour with Dope on the American apathy tour and only half the band was legally alowed to play due to previous obligations with their former record label. This is the type of music if one person isn't playing it just doesnt sound right to new listeners or even the most dedicated fans

I don't really see any success in this band's future (just as there wasn't any success in the past!) Even the singer, guitarist, and drummer have started another band titled Ghostmachine in a direction without a theatrical stage show which may actually go over well with listeners. As for Motograter, their time was ended before it even began and have just shown people it takes more then just signing a record deal and being featured in a couple magazines to make it in today's music industry. If you like a blend of hard melodic sounds then maybe their eponymous debut album is for you.

Perhaps you can find it for eight bucks at your local cd store. You can check this band out yourself at http://www.motograter.com


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