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The Crown/Crowned in Terror
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Buy it! These guys play with such speed that at times I think their limbs will disintegrate to form black holes and what we call 'existence' will be dissolved into an endless void. I like.

The Crown/Crowned in Terror
Metalblade Records
ED NOTE: metalblade.com has a fucked up full screen site design that is impossible to close. I suggest you DON'T visit that version.

Now, before I even start this review you are probably wondering, "Is this better than 'Deathrace King'?" My opinion : WHO CARES?! 'Deathrace King' and 'Crowned In Terror' are two completely different albums with two completely different vocalists, and I don't think they should be compared. So I'm not going to say if this is better than 'DK'.

But, I CAN say that I like this album more than 'DK'.

Speed/Death-metalers The Crown (who were originally named 'Crowned in Thorns' but had to change their name since some bullshit Christian band already had it), who released one of the best CDs in 2000 called 'Deathrace King', birthed 'Crowned In Terror' into the world some weeks ago. Had I known what I'd been missing, I would have picked this up the first day I saw it. Take the track, "The Speed Of Darkness" for example. They somehow manage to incorporate the theme song to 'Knight Rider' in this song! KNIGHT RIDER! GENIUS!!!

These guys play with SPEED. Maybe they play ON speed, which is none of my business, but then again, they might be on something while they are creating these great pieces of music. Each song is unique and has a different feel, which is always welcomed by yours truly. Too many bands out there release an album with basically the same song repeated over and over with different time changes. The Crown aren't this stupid. Guitarists Marcus and Marko are fast on their axes, and when I say 'fast' I mean 'FAST'! The drummer is fast as well, he has no problem keeping up with anything. These guys play with such speed that at times I think their limbs will disintegrate to form black holes and what we call 'existence' will be dissolved into an endless void. I like.

Which brings us to Tomas Lindberg, The Crown's new vocalist. He's here replacing Mr. Johan Lindstrand in the vox department. Does Tomas do a good job? Does peanut butter stick to the top of your mouth? HELLS YES! He kicked ass in his previous band At The Gates and now he is all set to kick ass and wear the crown in The Crown. When this guy is screaming into your ear at light speed, how can you NOT enjoy this shit? The Crown adjusted their music to accompany Lindberg's vocals and it works perfectly. Good job. Johan even comes back to perform a duet with Tomas in the track, "Death Metal Holocaust" which is just great shit.

This album will definatly stay in your stereo for a long time. Each song is too good to ignore. "Crowned In Terror" is a great track to start off, "Drugged Unholy" "Out For Blood" "Satanist" are amazing, and my favorite song, "Death Is The Hunter" is just a fucking classic song.

'CIT' is damn good. This is one of those albums that youíll be playing at the loudest volume possible. Ever since I bought it, I've been listening the FUCK out of this album! I just keep putting it in my stereo and pressing PLAY like a motherfucker! Like one fan recently said, "[The album] is better than fucking your mothers." Another fan : "[These songs] have me headbanging like a fucker!" This is all true. Now, I know that last week I said Obscenity's 'Cold Blooded Murder' was, "one of the best releases this year." Well, this is another one. Go get The Crown's 'Crowned In Terror' NOW!

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