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Hate Eternal/King of All Kings
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"The entire CD is so fucking murder-inspiring that, after listening, I wanted to break everything in the room and kill my relatives immediately."

Hate Eternal/King of All Kings
Earache Records

Guitarist Erik Rutan recently left Morbid Angel so he could focus more on his band, Hate Eternal. I think it was a damn fine move. Their first album, 'Conquering The Throne' was a great album of course, but now minus guitargod Doug Cerrito and drummer Tim Yeung, and welcoming DRUM-LORD Derrek Roddy, the new Hate Eternal have established themselves as one of the top bands in the genre with 'King Of All Kings'. They sure as hell didn't choose 'King Of All Kings' as the title for shits and grins, these guys are out to kill all those who are weak! When I first listened to this CD, they sure as hell blew apart my head and ate my skull fragments!

My love of Death Metal knows no boundaries. You could probably give me a shitty piece of shit DM album and I could find something cool in it, some guys have even accused me of giving higher reviews to average or shit CDs just because they are in the DM genre. I donít know if that's true or not, but I devote even more love to EXTREME, BRUTAL, OUT-OF-CONTROL DEATH METAL. When an album comes out that is more extreme, more brutal, and more out-of-control than other releases, I just go insane. I literally lose my mind while listening to something like that, and 'King Of All Kings' just so happens to be such an album.

As soon as you push PLAY and get through the short intro track, Hate Eternal pummel you into the ground, hack your body apart with shovels, mutilate you excessively, forcefully cover your never-to-be-found corpse with dirt using said shovels, SCREAM their hate into the night and piss all over your remains with this album. These fucking guys never stop killing you through the entire album, there is no resting at all. If you had a rough day and need something to unwind to, donít even think about putting this CD into your player. If you were fired, your girlfriend broke up with you, your car was totaled, and your life is crumbling around you, SLAM THIS CD INTO THE FUCKER AND KILL EVERYONE. Songs like the title track "King Of All Kings", "Born By Fire", "Rising Legions Of Black", and album closer "Powers That Be" are just filled with intense carnage. Erik and Jared work their guitars so hard that the amps probably exploded several times in the studio from the crushing technical playing. Worth noting is "Servants Of The Gods" which rules and involves a solo that rules as well. Vocals are fuckin perfect. "The Obscure Terror" starts out with these high-pitched screams that are pretty fucking awesome, then going into deep growls that are just perfect. And the drumming. MY GOD, THE DRUMMING. Derek Roddy must have been possessed by SOMETHING when he got behind his kit on this album. This is some of the fastest drumming I have ever heard. The first 15-seconds of "Beyond Redemption" had me floored from the fast-as-fuck drum fills he is doing. These guys are definately a super-group not to be fucked with.

Some say that this is too repetitive, that all the songs are too alike. But, then again, these are the same people that most likely said Hate Eternal are boring live. Well, this is where I'll have to disagree with ya buddy! And how about you go to hell! Hate Eternal have a fucking BRUTAL CD on their hands. This CD doesn't kick ass, that's too weak, it takes a chainsaw to the asshole. The entire CD is so fucking murder-inspiring that, after listening, I wanted to break everything in the room and kill my relatives immediately. Infact, where is my axe, I'm going to go kill everyone I know right fucking now, and use 'King Of All Kings' as the live soundtrack! ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR!!!

[My friend read this review and thought not only did I go overboard, but I gave the CD too high of a rating and that I'm insane. Must kill him later.]


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