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Internecine/Book of Lambs
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Buy it! "Hymns Of Sanctity is a track just filled with crazy screams, which is an awesome leading into the final song Calling Of The Hordes. This song is fucking insane."

Internecine/Book of Lambs
Hammerheart Records

Internecine, a band headed by Jared Anderson (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel), have released their first CD, 'Book Of Lambs' and it is a damn good album. I hope Jared gets his bandmembers together soon as I can't wait to see and hear this album played live!

Jared plays everything on this album except for the drums. Thats vocals, bass, and guitar, with guest guitar solos from Eric Rutan. Quite a feat for just one man, but he does everything extremely well. The guest solos are great as well, you can tell that these are Eric Rutan solos, which means they kick ass.

As for the drumming, Jared Anderson went to the best. Tony Laureano from Nile plays on most of the songs here and he kills. But on "Ceremonies Of Deceit" and "Calling Of The Hordes", fellow bandmember in Hate Eternal, Derek Roddy, comes in to murder everyone. Derek Roddy is amazing, it's easy to tell which tracks he's on just by listening to the phenomenal drumming. One of my favorite Death Metal drummers.

"The Elder Gods" opens the album with a kick to the throat. Lyrics are well written, I love the lyrics to "Divinity". This song, as well as all the songs on 'BOL', is just pure Death Metal. All the songs were written by Jared and he didn't write one bad track. "Hallowed Guidance" and "Inverted" stand out that kick ass, plain and simple. "Hymns Of Sanctity" is a track just filled with crazy screams, which is an awesome leading into the final song "Calling Of The Hordes". This song is fucking insane, I love it, my favorite song on the CD.

'Book Of Lambs' is a great album. If you like Jared Anderson's work with Morbid Angel or Hate Eternal, then most likely you'll like 'BOL'. He definately kicked ass in those bands, and now with his band Internecine, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knows how to create brutal Death Metal music. It seems like you can't go wrong with a Jared Anderson release! LISTEN TO THIS SHIT!!!


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