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Lord Gore/The Autophagous Orgy
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Buy it! "Each song has a "feel" or "vibe" to it that makes you want to either play along or get up and go crazy. This is a great CD to listen to while driving."

Hammerheart Records

One thing that caught my attention with Necrophobic was their band logo. Thats a pretty cool logo they have! The other thing? Oh, right, it was just the KICKASS MUSIC THEY MAKE!!!! When I first gave 'Bloodhymns' a listen, I didn't quite know if I liked it or not. Now, after giving the disc another spin, I think this is a cool CD! No, delete that shit. This is a damn awesome CD! Wait, why did I just type out an order to myself and not actually delete that sentence? Why am I still typing like this? I'm going to slam my head into the monitor now. That's better.

You gotta love it when an album starts out with a guitar solo, and the song "Taste Of Black" does just that. Each song here is actually of reasonable length, not just 2 minute blast-fests, the shortest track being three minutes and thirteen seconds. When listening to all the songs on 'Bloodhymns', you WILL bang your head to these tracks, no doubt about it! Lyrics are great, I love this verse from "Acts Of Rebellion": /I punch my fist straight through your flesh and tear out your fucking spine/ Bending as hell until it snaps, now you are truly mine/ Where is your almighty father now, forsaken you weap in pain/ Wishing you were on that pathetic cross of yours as I mount you again.../ Vocalist and bassist Tobias Sidegard does a great job in both departments. His screams fit the music perfectly. Guitarists Johan Bergeback and Sebastian Ramstedt play some killer shit on 'Bloodhymns'. The song "Mourningsoul" has a great little quiet section in the middle, then goes back into the song with full ferocity!

These songs are just fucking catchy, while remaining heavy and brutal, which I didn't think could be pulled off as easily as this. As I was listening through the album, I heard a song and thought, "Damn, that was a great song, it must be that 'one good song' on the CD." Then after the next song, "Damn, that was a great song, it must be that 'one good song' on the CD." I ended up saying these words outloud to myself after every fucking song. "Shadowseeds" has a kickass tune to it that makes you want to turn the volume up as high as you can until you break the fucking nob off your stereo. "Helfire", "Cult Of Blood", "Dreams Shall Flesh"; fuck, every song on here is amazing and worth mentioning.

I really like this CD, I can't even really explain it. I surprised the hell out of myself with how much I like it. Each song has a "feel" or "vibe" to it that makes you want to either play along or get up and go crazy. This is a great CD to listen to while driving.

I don't know what I was thinking when I thought this album wasn't good. Jesus Christ I was a fucking idiot. THIS ALBUM RULES! Go pick up this album immediately, and if you don't like it at first, put it down for a day or two and go back to it. I did and somehow the album mutated into a fuckin awesome piece of music, which became one of my favorite releases this year. Why can't more bands make as good CDs as Necrophobic has done? NECROPHOBIC 'BLOODHYMNS' IS SUCH A GREAT CD! BUY THIS SHIT!!!!!

Note: In 2003, Hammerheart is remastering Necrophobic's first three albums, I'll definitely be picking up all of these aswell. Great stuff!


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