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Origin/Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas
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Buy it! A description of an Origin track : Origin immediately explode into your mind, much like a Boeing 747-400 fleet crashing into nuclear bombs, then they start ripping apart your brain while blazing through dimensions at lightspeed.

Origin/Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas
Relapse Records

The difference between Origin's first album and this second album is like drinking a cup of Instant Iced Tea, then chugging two glasses of a Long Island Iced Tea : The first is bland, unoriginal, leaves a shitty taste in your mouth and the second is fucking delicious, goes down smooth and will fuck you up faster than The Flash with a knife. I don't know what the fuck happened with Origin between their first and second albums, but this newest CD slices up their first and leaves it in bloody shards in the dumpster next to Rosie ODonnell's body.

First, let me say that this is one of the most extreme albums I have ever heard. This shit gets in your face and kills you before you even knew you were being killed. 'Unrelenting' and 'Technical' are perfect words to describe it. From the second you start listening, you lose complete control. It's not easy putting this CD under a genre. While Relapse list them as a Death Metal band, it would be very hard just trying to CONTAIN this album under Death Metal. Lets just go with "INSANE FUCKING DEATHGRIND" and get on with the review.

Second, this is one of the fastest albums I have ever heard. It's like Origin erased the word "slow" from their vocabulary, they only know "fast" and "faster". Every member plays at lightspeed.

Vocalist James Lee is fucking amazing. His vocals are varied between high screams and low growls, which I most always prefer the growls. At times his growls sound like he is trying to vomit his intestines, which is JUST HOW I LIKE THEM, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite vocalists. The difference between him and other frontmen is this : the guy never quits. He is screaming almost CONSTANTLY throughout every one of their songs. And don't you insult him by saying he's screaming slow, this guy is grunting words faster than I can read them. You cannot hold this guy back. In "Perversion Of Hate" this motherfucker is going so fast it's almost funny.

Guitarists Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner are in the same league on "Perversion Of Hate" as well, playing extremely fast. It's almost as if they wrote a song, TRIPLED THE SPEED, then recorded it. I can't tell you my opinion for Bass player Mike Flores, because I couldn't even hear him until moments when all other instruments were dropped out, which is a shame. I'll have to wait until I see them live to give my take on him, but I would bet fine money he plays just as technical and fast.

Which brings me to their drummer, John Longstreth. He is credited as "Electronic and acoustic percussive distortion" in the CD slip, which I have no idea what it means. But this is either the fastest drumming I have ever heard or it is damn fine programming. If this guy can actually play this shit live...then fuck! I can't wait to see these guys destroy live.

All of this is put together to form the great CD 'Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas'. A description of an Origin track : Origin immediately explode into your mind, much like a Boeing 747-400 fleet crashing into nuclear bombs, then they start ripping apart your brain while blazing through dimensions at lightspeed. But what makes 'I,I,I' truly great (aside from all the orgasmic shit I just mentioned up there) are new little things you notice each time you play it. The stop/start riffs on "Mental Torment", the guitar licks on "Portal", the kickass screams on "Meat For The Beast"; there is definately too much stuff to take in listening to it just once.

The songs never give you a chance to rest, the only breather you get is the provided 1-2 seconds of silence between tracks before being thrust back into the madness. This starts to get overwhelming near the end of 'I,I,I', but "Insurrection" provides a nice fade-out which is welcomed in order to prepare you for the final track which goes overboard and finally cuts your head off like your name was Daniel Pearl.

Origin have won me over. Before I heard this, I didn't know alot about them and wasn't looking forward to seeing them live when they stop nearby, but this CD has completely changed my mind. Origin will definately be a huge highlight of the show. Their first album is shit that was eaten, then shit, then eaten, vomited, eaten, then shit when compared to this beauty. I don't know what secret techniques Origin employed between their first and second albums, but it's one that MANY bands need to follow. ORDER THIS CD, it is easily the Sleeper Hit of 2002.

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