still an outlaw in their eyes

World War I Noises/Stuck Record and Overlord 1975 British film

Long time Monty Python fan, loved Matching Tie and Hankerchief since the ’80s (when I became aware of it) then recently I was watching a British movie about WWI called Overloard (1975) and it contained a scene where 2 soldiers were sitting in a field between battles talking about home and the conversation steered toward a confusion between girlfriends, wives and dogs.

Again, how you got Trump

You know why all you lefties insults about how crass and vulgar Trump is fall on deaf ears? Because we sent you guys 2 courtly and gentlemanly candidates in McCain and Romney. They would _never_ have resorted to the attacks Trump did against hillary. And you guys tore them apart with unfair, below the belt bullshit like dog-roof-gate and Romney cutting some kid’s hair and McCain being unable to work email etc.

Another leftist druggie alky icon dies, the world mourns

So Carrie Fisher is dead. It’s so tragic, it’s almost as if that guy who played Lou Skywalker died. Think of all the great work they had in front of them, doing more cameos in Star Wars movies (playing the only roles they ever have, talk about type-casting).

I fail to see why everyone is so amazed at the fact that Baby Boomer icons, who are famous for being druggie/alcoholic/promiscuous and just generally bad people like Bowie, Prince, Glen Frey, Carrie Fisher, George Michael etc etc. who are also reaching their 50s-60s are dying. Had they lived healthy lives, they probably would have lived until their 70s-80s but it’s already amazing they lived as long as they did. They damaged their bodies irrevocably so now they are paying the price. What is the big amazing deal?


I’m also kind of irritated at the canonization of these people and everyone acting like it’s a huge tragedy and loss for humanity they died. Nearly 100% of the high-profile celebs who died this year did their best (or ONLY in the case of people like Fisher) work decades ago and they had nothing left to offer us. John Lennon probably had some great music left in him: that was a tragedy. McCartney (and I’m a lifelong fan) hasn’t put out anything listenable in 30 years (although I kinda like parts of Flaming Pie, from 20+ years ago) and his death wouldn’t exactly put a hole in our collective body of future entertainment, tragic as it might be for anyone to die.

It’s like all these celebs dying (and I don’t really think 2016 has been any worse than any other year) gives Boomers a chance to relive their youth when these people actually meant something and they are actually mourning their own coming death, so all this wallowing in gloom is just wankery. Not one of these celebs who died in 2016 will change my life, or probably yours, one whit. People die, there are a lot more worthy people to mourn than some drugged out, spoiled, asinine, full of herself leftist like Fisher who is known for one role she repeated in 3 different movies, woodenly. Get some better heroes, people.



Thanks obama.

Seriously, this time. president pretty pretty princess’ cowardly retreat from Iraq, after all the lives, treasure and blood spent to stabilize it and give it at least a chance for democracy, the SCOAMF pulled out the troops just to spite GWB’s work there. He’s about to give away Afghanistan as well. God grant President Trump can’t be half the failure president 4-putt has been in the Middle-east. Now he and his minion kerry have screwed the pooch on Syria. I’m sure he’ll blame that on GWB as well.

obama has never taken responsibility for a god damn thing, and he’s been a failure at _every single thing_ he has done as president. Alienated our allies, coddled our enemies to the point they see us as weak and walk all over us (see Iran cheating on the “treaty” the genius executive ordered with them) caused war and choas everywhere he’s stuck his finger in (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia etc.) refused to back democracy when the citizens attempted to overthrow the mullahs in Iran for fear of upsetting them, acted like such a green and callow youth that China is now taking over the South China sea with no fear of obama doing anything about it, no more than he can do anything about Russia’s territorial expansion and re-establishment of dominion over their former republics.

That’s not even mentioning domestic woes, where obamacare is falling apart, obama’s trolling and outrageously race-baiting comments about every issue touching race in the US has caused resentment, violence and rioting, repeatedly, his DOJ is actively training “protesters” and is culpable for the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and working its magic as we speak in Charlotte. The economy is in shambles, population not working at historic highs (the unemployment rate doesn’t tell half the story, and they manipulate that anyway).

He’s so inept he’s even alienated CANADA for Christ’s sake. Stuttering Clusterfark of a Miserable Failure indeed. 8 years of mismanagement, malfeasance and ineptitude, which he blames totally on racism. The Syrians, Russians, Chinese, US health insurance companies, Canadians, Britain (where he worked his king midas in reverse on Brexit), France, Iraq, all racists because they just won’t live up to obama’s standards.

That’s also not mentioning the magic he’s worked on the democrat party. Everyone is talking about the death of the GOP: the GOP is making inroads in every single state government and holds a historic majority in a record number of them, and it’s only getting more lopsided every election. More racism, obama?

It’s so bad that Donald Trump would actually be an improvement on the community organizer who never held a decent job in his life and has never been a success at anything other than getting himself elected.

Instead of teaching how to jill off, teach kids about “feminist” sjw douchebag hatred of America

This has zero to do with actually teaching girls how to masturbate, it’s about outraging parents so that then this bint can virtue signal how open minded she is and what backward and prudish anyone who disagrees with her is. It also has to do with continuing to try to destroy the traditional family, religion, decent morals and mores and the breakdown of western civilization.

They keep chipping away, even at tiny, inconsequential crap like this and the next thing you know we have gay marriage, next we’ll see the norming of polygamy, incest, marriage for priests, human rights for animals, etc etc in the continued quest to try to completely destroy all the tenets that made Western Civ, which they already consider inferior to almost any other civilization you can name, even though West Civ is the ONLY one that allows them to attack it with impunity. If they got their wish and Muslims or Buddists ruled the world they would find their freedom to be assholes severely impinged.

Seriously, finally, just fuck you people with smartphones out all the fucking time.

I am increasingly convinced the only way to stay sane is to revert back to a flipphone, which I use. If I need to be connected, I do so when I get home. If someone wants to talk to me, they can call me. I have text disabled. Believe it or not I’ve never missed anything earth-shaking and I manage to live day to day without a smartphone. I’m in front of a keyboard and a monitor enough, when I’m with the kids, when I’m with people I care about I don’t want to constantly be distracted by a cell phone. Besides which, it’s rude and hurtful to the people you love when you are constantly breaking off to check your phone. Really, fark smartphones. They are terrible terrible things that enable terrible behaviour, mostly in people who are prone to be assholes anyway, but otherwise innocent people are also guilty.

People claim “oh I have to be connected, I need it for business or whatever, but I think they enjoy it. They enjoy checking texts and email and tweets. But I enjoy a lot of things that require my concentration and my main attention. I don’t attempt those things when I’m spending quality time with love ones. I don’t do them when I’m out enjoying dinner. I don’t do them when I’m in a movie theater. I damn sure don’t when I’m driving.

Sorry if it offends anyone, well no, I’m not really. But it’s self-indulgent and selfish to be constantly checking your phone, to stop a conversation to check your phone or worse yet WHILE you’re talking to someone.

There is a line that has been crossed, it was once a bad thing to take a phone call during a conversation or while you were doing something with other people, but at least people would say, however insincerely, “excuse me I have to take this”. Now they don’t even bother. While you are still talking they are looking at their phone and totally ignoring what you are saying. I see moms doing it to their kids. I see people doing it to the people they are sitting with at a table, eating. I see young kids today, all 4 of them, not talking, but each looking at her cell phone. Whoever is on that phone is more important than the people in their direct body space. Or a tweet that a friend or celeb made, or a meaningless text or perhaps an email or some bit of news.

It’s coarsening our already splintered society and I think it’s a bad think. You can do what you want. You have that freedom. But be aware that you are hurting people you profess to love when you do it and you are, in fact, a fucking asshole for doing that. Just so you know.

More bigoted lectures from feminist hypocrites who barely know their own kids

If women were as competent as men in the office, they wouldn’t make only 75% of what men make. AmIRite guys? ;)

And talking about “caregiving”, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the figure like 100% of the people making the “choice” to kill their unborn babies women? Talk about caring! :D

I’m a single Dad with 2 and 6 year old daughters who receives zero support or help from their mother, who comes to see them every other week or so for an hour or two then disappears. She doesn’t even keep her promises about when she’s coming to see them, let alone lift a finger to help, support of “care-give”. I do everything you need to do to caregive to 2 young daughters, 24/7, with all that entails. I don’t need lectures from this leftist bint who probably, if she has any kids, farmed them out to nannies and day-care. My 2 year old spends the day with me as I work from home, as she has since birth, just like my older daughter did until she started PK3 at 3 years old. I live it lady, do you?

And real classy to spew your feminist bigotry on the ONE day we’re supposed to celebrate and support fatherhood, taking time out from demonizing men, making them look like buffoons in every popular medium, from TV to books to movies, from blaming them for all the ills of the world including everything that is wrong with women. I’m raising my daughters to be confident, strong young women who accept responsibility, face the consequences for their own actions and receive the reward of their own hard work, honesty and virtue.

The absence of accountability is 90% of what is wrong with the world today, men and women. My girls are learning the good and bad of accountability, and I believe that will serve them better than anything else I can teach them. Self-reliance, self-confidence, honest dealing, hard work, love and be loved in turn, real love, meaning sacrifice and giving as well as receiving.

I happen to believe I can do that as well as any woman, and humbly, better than most, if they are like this creature.

NeverTrumpers, shut the fuck up already. You lost. You have no influence then or now.

Yeah, I don’t go to RedState, I’ve always thought they set themselves up as some kind of leader or style-setter of conservative policy and thought and politics, but I saw an Eric Erickson article somewhere else and I was like, fuck, give it a rest, just shut up already. You lost. You made a calculated bet disinviting Trump to your thing because of (supposedly) his treatment of a fox news hostette (why anyone would defend ANY member of the media, fox or not, was always beyond me) and you guessed wrong. Now he’s humiliated and pissed off that he actually has zero influence in the big big world and he’s not going to stop ranting about it, ever, I guess. When Trump wins, he’ll be right there, snipping at his heels like a little dog, saying “I TOLD YOU SO” at every chance and just generally being an asshole. Daily Caller is doing this too, and i have to wonder, just who is their audience? Who are they writing for? Are they just saying fuck it and throwing in the towel as a business because their guy lost.

More disparaging of the greatest, most positive force for civilization the world has ever known

A leftist fuck calls Kipling racist. What a shock. Everyone white is a racist these days, so the epithet has kind of lost its sting.

While the Brits may not have been a superior race, per se (as individual Indians were educated in the British school system and excelled as well as born Brits) it was a superior civilization. This reminds me of “The Life of Brian” where the Jewish rebels complain “what have the Romans ever done for us” followed by a long litany of system of governance, education, sanitation, medicine, roads, industry, writing, architecture, aquaducts, infrastructure and brought peace amongst the warring tribes (face it, no one else could tame this lot!).

The Brits left the Indians in better shape than they found them, although they couldn’t solve the savage hatred the Hindus have for the Muslims, which continues to this day, and cannot be blamed on the Brits, those grudges being formed centuries before they arrived.

Good for Sgt Pepper and the triumph of white-bread music

Every “top album” list tops out with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Lotta crap here, but example:

Love SPLHCB (and to a lesser extent Pet Sounds) because it completely squashed R&B, funk and soul as a force for years.

With very few exceptions, I like white-bread music like Beatles, America, old Sparks, Raspberries, Jellyfish, Bread, Emmit Rhodes, ELO, Carpenters, Sweet, Queen (they lapsed sometimes, but mostly).

Also prog rock like Tull, ELP, Yes, UK, Patto, Gentle Giant, Klaatu, Alan Parsons, King Crimson, Crack the Sky etc.